Synopsis: For another year at SXSW, Say OK partnered with YouTube Music to host a 3-day artist and industry event to celebrate and invest in the artists' success. In the center of downtown Austin at the historic Coppertank, Say OK collaborated with Sparks to promote YouTube Music's newly launched app through an interactive data viz display. The event hosted 18 live performances with a wide range of talented musicians, both newly discovered and well established. Among many the many performers were Future and Jamie XX. The space also included artistically built angular walls made from raw wood and wheat pasted artist posters to honor the talent of the artists performing.

Artist hub

YouTube also transformed the Pecan Street Cafe adjacent to Coppertank at into the well received Artist Hub, honoring SXSW artists with luxury services and a private place to relax. Throughout the 3 days, artists enjoyed camaraderie with one another with a marquee style photo opp, a masseuse, a barber station offering fresh cuts and shaves, and a hair and makeup bar.  Additionally, a complimentary gear check service gave artists the opportunity to be hands free of their instruments with a safe place for storage. Through the success of this space YouTube effectively communicated their appreciation to artists in the industry.